ISO 14046 Water Footprint Quantification and Reporting

Water footprint is one of the environmental footprint assessments that helps us understand how our production and consumption choices affect natural resources.

Water footprint assessments have become an important source of information for many developed countries in determining sustainable strategic actions and policies.

The water footprint of a product can be expressed as the sum of the water footprints at each stage of production to produce the final product. In the near future, the water footprint of a product will become an important selection criterion for customers to choose that product, as well as cost and quality of the product.

ISO 14046 (Environmental management - Water footprint - Principles, requirements and guideline) is an international standard which is widely preferred by businesses in reporting product, process and organizational water footprints at organizational level. 

As REVER, we provide transparent and reliable reporting service.

We are aware of our responsibility to leave a more livable world to future generations.


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