ISO 14067/2018 Carbon Footprint of Products

Combating Global Climate change has become an irreversible agenda for continents, countries, regions, unions, institutions, municipalities, businesses and even individuals. The tightening of legal requirements and the ever increasing awareness of society on sustainability have brought social responsibility and sustainable growth to the agenda of companies.

The policy and objectives of an organization in the fields of sustainability have become an important parameter that determines its position and prestige in the supply chain..In the near future, the carbon footprint of a product will become an important selection criterion for customers to choose that product, as well as cost and quality of the product.

ISO 14067 (Greenhouse gases - Carbon footprint of products - Requirements and guideline for quantification) is an international standard which is widely preferred by businesses in reporting product carbon footprints or partial product carbon footprints.

ISO 14067 Product / Partial Product Carbon Footprint reporting will facilitate the decision processes of organizations by revealing the improvement potentials in terms of carbon emissions.

With the Product/Partial Product Carbon Footprint reporting, all the work to be done from the definition of the functional unit of the product to the final report is presented in a transparent and reliable way.

We are aware of our responsibility to leave a more livable world to future generations.


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