Water / Waste Water Management and Benchmark Analysis, Water Risks Management, Water/Waste Water Treatment and Recycling Plants Technical Support Services

Water / Waste Water Management and Benchmark Analysis
Due to the rapid depletion of water resources as a result of climate change, the importance that local governments and businesses should give to water / waste water management is increasing day by day.

We provide gap analysis and consultancy services to municipalities, governmental institutions and corporations in line with BAT (Best Available Techniques), BREF documents published on water / waste water management.

We provide technical support, consultancy, inspection and training services to wastewater treatment and recovery projects in line with the use of treated domestic or industrial wastewater as process water in factories (cooling water, boiler feed water, service water, fire water, etc.) as irrigation water in agriculture and landscape. 

Water Risks Management
The preparation of road maps for the identification and management of climate-oriented water risks constitutes one of the basic steps of the companies’ sustainability efforts. 

REVER provides following services to governmental institutions and corporations to "Identify Water Risks" 

  • determination of Basin and Sectoral based water risks is done using Watershed Management Plans and Water Resource Institute (WRI) Aqueduct Software.
  • reporting and analyzing, the water risk of the governmental institutions and corporations with 13 basic indicators for the years 2030-2040.

With the Water Risks Report, we define the risks that the local government or the facility may encounter in the future regarding water use, and provide technical support, training and consultancy services on the areas/projects that need investment.

Water/Waste Water Treatment & Recycling Plants Technical Support Services

The value of water as a natural resource is increasing day by day. REVER provides following technical consultancy, training, audit services to governmental institutions and corporations:

  • efficient water use, 
  • treatment of waste water from industrial processes or homes, 
  • the recovery of these treated waters for industrial and agricultural use
  • process selection, HAZOP studies, commissioning, operation and maintenance in Water and Waste Water Treatment & Recycling Plants
  • selection and use of chemicals, preparation of chemical interaction matrices,
  • determination of water/energy saving points,
  • preparation of industry specific benchmark study reports in line with BAT/BREF documents, 
  • researching and applying electricity and investment incentives, 

We are aware of our responsibility to leave a more livable world to future generations.


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